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Name: Squid cutting machine YY - 300 (vedio)
Code: N2013417115417
Material: stainless steel

Price: Current Price

Name: Squid cutting machine YY - 300
Power: 200 w
V voltage: 220/380, 50/60 Hz, 3 ph
Processing speed: 30-50 / min
Production: 200-300 kg/H
Weight: 30 kg
Size: 550 * 950 * 450 mm

Squid cutting machine adopts stainless steel, wear-resisting durable, accord with food hygiene standards.It can cut squid, pork chops, steak, neck meat, streaky pork, making the meat is more delicious, and improve business competitiveness.
Depth of cutting squid can be adjustable, cut speed, large output, high production efficiency, greatly saves manpower. Blade adopts the special material of round knife; the cutting effect is good, convenient disassembly of cutting tool, easy to clean. Machine is simple operation, stable performance, safe and reliable.
Suitable for aquatic products processing plants, meat products factory, a large food industry. 

The vedio of the machine:


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