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Name: SG-30 Commercial oil press
Code: N2013110144954
Material: stainless steel
Model: SG-30

Price: Current Price


Name: Commercial oil mill SG30-2 b
Voltage: 220 (V)
Heating power: 550 w, 700 w
Processing: 7-8 catty peanuts/hour
Two: 45% 50%
The weight: 40 (kg)
Exterior size: 42  x 20  x  37 cm

Applicable objects: peanut, rapeseed, soybean, Chinese prickly ash seed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin kernel, camellia seed, rapeseed, flax seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pine nuts

Product features:
When the operation is simple very long work
In the original traditional squeezing process is more in harmony with the latest in technology, makes the tedious baked Fried - crushing - such as precipitation process into a simple synchronization is complete. More to make sure that the original taste and nutrition products. Simply switch, light the input material, can complete the whole process of cooking oil, the machine can work continuously
Low power saving and durable
Heating household 220 v power supply, motor of 550 w, 700 w. Machine oil components all adopt the elevation of the manganese steel, conditioning treatment by carburizing, durable. The casing also adopts expensive food grade stainless steel

1) switch on the power, automatic heating heater, temperature rise to temperature control instrument set temperature around 120 degrees
2) open the motor switch, the machine will automatically idle, after half a minute, will be fuel (peanut sesame the Perilla oil) into the funnel, the machine can complete the whole process of oil
3) after completion of oil the machine idle for 1 minute, after being completely eduction press boring inside oil residue, stop the machine, cut off power supply
4) when a machine is heater and squeeze boring after cooling to room temperature, clean the machine

Warm prompt:
Machine temperature is not enough, it is forbidden to start the motor
(boring of temperature on the oil press of squeezing effect and yield efficiency has a great influence, not enough temperature, material embryo could not form normal pressure in squeeze boring, cannot bear cookies, influence the effect of oil, in order to make the squeeze in the boring enough temperature, before open press, must wait for the heater, after heating to a specified temperature can only be switched on.)
Matters needing attention
Low fuel in the funnel jams, do not use hands and metal stick, application of chopstick used with caution
"Do not iron or iron slag into the machine
When pressing shell oil, can be choked to death phenomenon, please press the back switch, the machine back, will return oil can be removed
Low stitched with diesel or oil inlet has returned to the phenomenon of oil, oil plug, can affect the oil yield efficiency and speed of, want to in a timely manner with the sharp remove ribs or with a small hammer
Low after the tail has a socket head screw M10 X 50 random rotation, is used to adjust the port clearance in cake professional area. When you need to adjust the clearance under normal operating temperature in the machine downtime, adjust its thickness in the direction shown by the ShunNi. In order to achieve the cake thickness of about 1 mm or so. Right so far.
When this machine can squeeze, but choosing oil, try to choose more dry, water less. The best through the microwave or oven heating dehydration, increase oil yield efficiency of speed and the quality of the oil


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