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Company profile:

    At the beginning of company establishment,our company produced espacially installation kit for foreign machinery enterprise. With excellent quality and production technology improvement, we have been gradually developing from machinery parts production, semi-finished assembly to product manufacture,and have gained a good reputation in the field of the domestic food processing machinery.Its matching production parts . Confidence comes from strength, in order to cater to the needs of the Pearl River Delta ,northwestern regions and mainland market.The company,called Zhaoqing City Dinghu Jingcheng Machinery Co., Ltd, is established at "Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer" ----Dinghu Mountain which is the head of four famous Lingnan mountain.

       With many years of accumulated experience in production and good reputation, the company developed rapidly, Jing Sheng has held a positive attitude to  make many friends and have a honest operation for many years. As a resuilt, we ensure that we can get more  and more support from customers.

        The title of Jingcheng:“The Division operating in good faith, for the purpose of customer first.Our company keeps innovating so as to guarantee customers' satisfaction through good quality and after-sale service,and provides customers with the perfect products and the best service, and strives to build a exquisite "Jing Sheng" Food processing machinery.

Our business scope:

Since its establishment, Jingcheng Machinery has always followed the world's advanced level, innovated continuously,and pursued the perfection since it is established. In the support and care of the old and new customers, our company's products sell well throughout the market. Our products have been widely used in agricultural products processing, livestock product processing, fishery processing, and has won the praise and trust.

Excellent talents

    The company has excellent food machinery design talents; they are proficient in the food industry's advanced technology through the long-term practice. We explore innovation in maturity, making our products is undefeated. Our skilled personnel are the key factor in ensuring a high level of product quality.

Complete the product

   Our company specializes in the design, production and food processing machinery, all kinds of production lines and other accessories. Over the years, our long-term commitment to research and development, continuous improvement and innovation in enterprise products.

Strict quality system:

        Our machine is manufactured always in accordance with five elements of reasonable Logistics (namely: 1. Automation 2. Safety  3. Efficient 4. low cost  5. Non-Pollution). We carefully design the most suitable products for the user. On the basis of the strict quality control, the key components of our products are chosen from the domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises. Our experience has proved that only by constantly improving the quality of products, the customers can get benefit, and ultimately the success of our customers is ours.

Perfect after-sale service:

    Superior after-sale service stems from enterprise, our company has always been to "quality-oriented, service first" as its tenet. As long as you order our products, no matter where you are, we will promptly send a professional technician for your service. Your satisfaction is our commitment! Perfect after-sale service is our eternal pursuit. To cooperate with you is our greatest wish and your best choice.

            Jingcheng Machinery will be walking together with you.

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